Generation Z Goes to College Study

Our Generation Z Goes to College Study was both quantitative and qualitative and involved 1,143 participants from 15 higher education institutions in the U.S. The study aimed to uncover perspectives, styles, preferences, concerns, affiliations, beliefs, and approaches of Generation Z related to the following topics: Politics, spirituality, characteristics, motivations, diversity and social justice, communication, social media, friends/family/romance, social issues of concern, engagement and social change, leadership, and learning. Findings from the study are integrated into her publications, presentations, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and interviews. 

Generation Z Stories Project

The Generation Z Stories Project served as a follow-up study to the Generation Z Goes to College Study. This entirely qualitative study involved 1292 Generation Z college students from 50 higher education institutions in the U.S. and Canada. Participants were asked questions related to learning, motivation, concerns, future career, important issues, and how their generation can make the world a better place. Findings from the study will be available in their upcoming book, Generation Z: A Century in the Making.

External Research

Our publications integrate findings from our original 2014 Generation Z Goes to College study (1,143 participants), 2014 CIRP data from the Higher Education Research Institute disaggregated to only Generation Z students (150,171 participants), Northeastern University’s Innovation Imperative study on Generation Z (1,015 participants), market research, national polling data, and adolescent social science data totaling nearly 300 sources.

Our upcoming book includes hundreds of additional studies including data from the Higher Education Research Institute’s College Senior Survey disaggregated only to Generation Z students (9,361 participants).