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Humphrey Testimonial

Generation Z
Kay-Twelve Better Learning

What We’ve Learned as Generation Z Goes to College
Growing Leaders


Young Voters
The Academic Minute, WAMC

University of Arizona Grads Look Into Generation Z Going to College

What is Generational Shift? Are You a “Generation Z?”
KTAR Think Tank

UA Alum Identifies “Generation Z” as new class of students

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Generation Z Goes to College
Student Affairs Live

What Does Gen Z Want in their Student Union Design?
Stantec-Student Life from A to Z

Does Generation Z Still Find the Student Union Relevant on Today’s Campus?
Stantec-Student Life from A to Z

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NACAC Twitter Book Chat (transcript)


What Makes Gen Z Tick? You May Be Surprised
Dayton Daily News

3 Military Parent Tips for Generation Z

6 Facts About Generation Z Admission Professionals Need to Know
YouVisit (article)

How the Next Generation Will Change Politics
Opportunity Lives

Generation Z Students May Play Major Role in Presidential Election
Wright State Newsroom

Adolescentes hiperconectados a internet conseguem se concentrar?

Geracao Sem Filtro

Through the Eyes of Generation Z
The Globe and Mail

WSU Professor Studies Generation Z
Fairborn Daily Herald

New Book Out, “Generation Z Goes to College”
Daily Court Reporter

Generation Z Goes to College: SigEp Staff Member’s Findings Help Fraternity Better Serve Undergraduate Brothers
SigEp News

Generation Station
Wright State Newsroom

Generation Z: A New Class of Students Arrives
UA News

Career-Minded, Pragmatic Gen Zs Going to College
Campus Technology

Generation Z Goes to College: An Interview with the Author
OrgSync: Learn Forward

Trending Now: Generation Z
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Everything You Need to Know About Gen Z

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Introduction to Generation Z

Book Review-Generation Z Goes to College
College Parent Central

Through the Eyes of Generation (Change, Innovation, the iGeneration, Generation Tech, Generation Z)
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PSA: If You’re 20 or Younger, You are NOT a Millennial
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54 Things You Need to Know About Generation Z
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Who is Generation Z?
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The Rise of Generation Z
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Generation Z in Higher Education

A New Generation of Digital Distraction
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Generation Z Goes to College: An Opportunity to Reflect on Contemporary Traditional College Students
Journal of College and Character

Understanding Generation Z Students to Promote a Contemporary Learning Environment
Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence

Generations in Flux: How Gen Z Will Continue to Transform Higher Education Space
Planning for Higher Education

More Is More: How the Best Companies Go Farther and Work Harder to Create Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Experiences

Transformational Learning in Undergraduate Public Health Education: Course Design for Generation Z
Pedagogy in Health Promotion

Generation Z Goes to College Book Review
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Instant Generation
National Association for College Admission Counseling

Book Review: Generation Z Goes to College

Generation Z Goes to College: Review
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Generation Z Students: Will They Change our Nursing Classrooms?
Journal of Nursing Education and Practice

Generation Z Steps Into Adulthood
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Do Post-Secondary Educators Know What to Expect in Gen Z Students?

Generation Z Enters College
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Marketing Fraternity/Sorority to Generation Z
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Generation Z in K-12

The New Kids in Class-Part I: Who Are Generation Z?

Marketing to Generation Z

Marketers are Not Ready for Gen Z
Emfluence Digital Marketing

Generation Z: The Next Demographic Wave
American Marketing Association Triangle

The New Millennials: Transitioning Generation Y to Generation Z
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A Glimpse of iGeneration Wine Preferences

Generation Z in the Workplace

Socially Conscious, Environmentally Friendly and Global Thinking Gen Z-ers Show Up for Work
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Generation Z & The Social Sector: Embrace Them Now For Growth
Generation Evolution

The Intersection of Generation Z, Social Consciousness and Business
Generation Evolution

Five Generations in the Workforce: What’s the Difference?
Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce

Generation Z on the Rise

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NAU Facetime
Northern Arizona University