“In this book, Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace offer a peek around the corner at the youngest students being measured to date. Already, it has accelerated my getting acquainted with Generation Z, in our work on college campuses. The data is first, fresh and insightful.” Dr. Tim Elmore, President, GrowingLeaders.com

“This book provides in depth information and exceptional insight to the perspectives our upcoming generation of leaders. Not only is this valuable for higher education professionals as they seek to create the most engaging learning environments, it is imperative for college employers as they recruit and retain the workforce that will shape the future!” Eileen McGarry, Executive Director Career Services and Student Engagement, University of Arizona

“This refreshing, straight-forward and optimistic portrayal of today’s college student will change how educators develop, empower and relate to them.” Nancy Hunter Denney, Executive Director, Lead365 National Conference

“Anyone that is interested in student success will learn from Generation Z Goes to College. Corey Seemiller’s and Meghan Grace’s groundbreaking study provides leaders at all levels the understanding of today’s student that is critical to creating the conditions that help students thrive.” Dr. Keith Humphrey, University Vice President and Past President, ACPA-College Student Educators International

“Generation Z Goes to College is timely and relevant. The authors skillfully capture the unique characteristics, styles, and motivations of Generation Z and identify tangible strategies to best educate, serve, and work with Generation Z in college. The book is a must-read for any college student educator!” Dr. Paige Haber-Curran, Assistant Professor, Texas State University

5 Star Amazon Reviews

Fascinating Analysis of Gen Z with Profound Implications for Colleges & Universities
Amazon Top 100 Reviewer/Vine Voice Reviewer

“The implications of the statistics are provocative. The authors, in the final chapter, use their statistics to map out a plan for colleges and universities to engage Generation Z to help them profit from their academic experience. This chapter should be of interest to anyone in academia.”

Absolutely Fascinating
Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“This book is fascinating. The authors are more than capable of drawing conclusions that offer insight in every generational group and it was interesting to see how the pivotal events of each cadre led them to being significantly different in philosophy and life style. The writing is superb. Clear and easy to understand. This book is actually a quick read… or would be if you didn’t have to sit back and think about the information.”

Good reading
Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer/Vine Voice Reviewer

“I found the book to be very readable – very little techno-babble, just plain descriptions and explanations clearly written so that pretty much anyone could understand it. I think a lot of new (and current) teachers would benefit from reading the suggestions on engaging this generation of students.”

The workforce and the educational setting are dramatically changing with …
Vine Voice Reviewer

“This book is provides insights into the unique qualities of Generation Z, which is sometimes a challenge for me as a baby boomer faculty member!”