SAA 6620: Generation Z Goes to College

  • Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations: Student Affairs in Higher Education Master’s Program
  • Taught by Dr. Corey Seemiller
  • May 8-June 12, 2018
  • Tuesdays, 4:40-7:20pm, Synchronous Online
  • 3 credits

Who is Generation Z?

Higher education in the U.S. has been in existence for centuries, standing the test of time, in large part due to its ability to meet the needs of changing demographics. Here we are again at a crossroads where a new cohort of students is filling our lecture halls and residence halls. Generation Z, born 1995-2010, now make up our entire traditional-age undergraduate student population in higher education. But, what do we know about them?

Why Learn About Generation Z?

With just more than 400,000 hits on Google, available information about Generation Z pales in comparison to what we know about their predecessor generation, Millennials. Google the word, Millennials, and you will come across more than 41 million hits. Knowing so much about Millennials and having had them in our institutions for the last 15 years, educators have become more adept at constructing courses, programs, experiences, and environments to meet the needs of this demographic. However, along comes Generation Z, a new cohort likely being recruited, educated, developed, and retained using methods designed for Millennials. Although the two generations share some commonalities, the differences in how they learn, communicate, relate, and are motivated may make those Millennial strategies obsolete or less effective with Generation Z.

What Will This Course Cover?

In this highly interactive course, we will explore Generation Z’s perspectives, preferences, and behaviors in the areas of learning, communication, technology, relationships, health and wellness, financial wellbeing, spirituality, social concerns, leadership and civic engagement, and career aspirations and readiness. We will use this information to discuss and construct strategies for effectively supporting and engaging Generation Z in higher education through:

  • Recruitment and admissions
  • Student employment
  • Advising
  • Student services
  • Diversity and multicultural affairs
  • Campus living
  • Student involvement, engagement, and service-learning opportunities
  • Career services
  • Health and wellness services
  • Learning and academic success initiatives

How to Register

For anyone not registered as a student at Wright State University, enroll as a non-degree seeking student and register for the course!