Generation Z: A Century in the Making

Holistic Look at Generation Z

Generation Z: A Century in the Making is delivered in an easy-to-read, narrative style, similar to the format of our first book, Generation Z Goes to College. Our new book provides a holistic examination of the contextual factors impacting the upbringing of Generation Z (born 1995-2010) as well as integrates findings from various research studies to explore the perspectives, outlooks, beliefs, experiences, styles, motivations, and aspirations of the post-Millennial generation. Although we discuss some of the topics that were in the first book, such as societal concerns, communication, and technology use (but more broadly and comprehensively with updated research), we also include a variety of additional topics including spirituality, family, entertainment, friendships, health and wellness, and career.

Based on Research

Since our first book and first study, we have since conducted another, larger study, called the Generation Z Stories Project. We solicited open-ended responses from more than 1200 Generation Z college students from 50 institutions in the U.S. and Canada. In this book, we plan to use their words as a way to accentuate the data and themes we discuss. We complement our study with hundreds of other research studies conducted by market research firms, higher education institutions, Pew and Census, other generational researchers, as well as industry leaders. We pride ourselves on being able to combine our deep dive into the data with our easygoing writing style to take a lot of research and deliver it in an interesting, engaging, and informative way.

The Influence of a Century

Instead of simply providing an overview of Generation Z, we have framed the book around the impact other generations have made on who Generation Z is today. We take readers back primarily to the G.I. Generation, in particular, as both generations have experienced similar contexts in their upbringing (for example, the Depression and the Recession). Because they have a seemingly shared context (although situated nearly 100 years apart), they also share some important characteristics that likely developed because of these contexts (spending behavior, civic engagement, and focus on security). In addition, the G.I. Generation is the oldest living generation today and their contribution to our society has made a profound impact that laid the groundwork for Generation Z one hundred years later. We don’t spend too much time in the book comparing and contrasting the two generations, but we do make a point to reference the G.I. Generation when there are similarities to provide insight to the reader for anticipating future trends. In addition to the G.I. Generation, we also include content on other generations, especially as they have contributed to the world that Generation Z is growing up in. We look at Millennials as the predecessor generation that laid the digital groundwork for Generation Z, Generation X as the parents of Generation Z, Baby Boomers as senior members of the workforce, and the Silent Generation as the retirees of today.

If those who parent, teach, and work with Generation Z want to better understand this generation, then Generation Z: A Century in the Making will offer insight into nearly every facet of their lives.

Scheduled for Release in Summer 2018