Gen Z Goes to CollegeDetermined. Innovative. Confident. These are just some of the many characteristics of Generation Z, those born from 1995 to 2010. Although some characteristics may look similar to the Millennial Generation, Generation Z brings a whole new set of attributes and experiences to higher education. But, our structures, curriculum, environments, processes, and pedagogies were likely developed with previous generations in mind. This new cadre of students will challenge us to reconceptualize our institutions to ensure we are providing the most meaningful and effective learning and engagement experiences possible. How are we prepared to adapt to this changing demographic and reframe our practice to effectively engage Generation Z students in learning and development during their time in higher education? Find out in Generation Z Goes to CollegeOrder your copy now!

Gen Z LeadsLeadership. Service-Learning. Student Organizations. The oldest of Generation Z, born from 1995 through 2010, are just now entering into adulthood. How are we preparing them to address the critical leadership issues facing the world today and in the future? Generation Z Leads offers educators strategies and best practices for developing the leadership capacities of this unique demographic. Grounded in research on Generation Z students, this practical book provides ideas and suggestions for educators in designing and facilitating experiences that foster leadership development. Order your copy now!